12 Best Career and Salary in Cybersecurity with High Demand in 2023

With current global economy development, it is important to be connected with people all over the world. That is why, almost all companies and organizations are using internet-based computing. This also mean there are more career in cybersecurity Indonesia than ever before. If you are interested, here are some of the best career that you can take in the field.

12 Best Career in Cybersecurity Indonesia with High Demand in 2023

1. Cloud security

The demand of using cloud environment in various organizations are increasing. With its development it is also important to make sure that the environment stay save from threat. That leave very large opening for career in cloud security.

To be able to have career in this field, you need to have knowledge and skill on various type of cloud services such as AWS, GCP, Azure and many other. Each cloud services will have their own advantage and disadvantage, so it is important to identify everything.

You must be able to identify the signature of each cloud security as you will be task to build security for the cloud-native applications used by the company. You will also need to creating security defenses for the cloud network used. one of company who highly need this skills is our company in paireds

2. Incident responser analyst

Even though a lot of precaution has been implemented, it is also important to prepare for the worse. When attack does happen then it is important to make sure there are as little lost as possible. The lost that company have to face is not only financially but it will also affect the company reputation.

So, the time needed to take care of the attack should be as minimum as possible. It is also important to prevent the attacker to penetrate further into the system which is why responser is needed.

This career in cybersecurity Indonesia does come with a lot of responsibility. So, you need to be skilled in creating the best respond and treatments for when the attack happened. You will also need to have capability to stop the attack.

3. GRC Analyst

Each company has their own goals and objectives that they need to fulfill. Furthermore, it is also important to know the risk on each decision made during the development. But at the same it is also important to keep the integrity of the company.

That is why GRC analyst is needed by all company that want to make sure their IT progress align well with the goal. You will also be task with managing the risk that might happen with every step taken by the company.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that everything the company do will go with the government regulation. That is why, it is important for you to keep up with the newest and updated regulation from the government.

4. DevSecOps

Developing and operating application is already difficult but nowadays it is also important to secure the application at the same time. That is why this career in cybersecurity Indonesia as DevSecOps is very high in demand right now.

Your task is to make sure that the development of the application is done using secure codebase. That is why, you need to have knowledge on various languages use to write the code.

You also need to integrate security to all part of the development from the first build toward the final production. That is why, you will need to follow the application creation step by step and implement cybersecurity on each layer of the development.

5. SOC analyst

It is important to always monitor the cloud environment at all time to make sure that it is secured. As there are many network activities happened within, you will need to analyst the logs. This method is done to prevent any attack from happening while also looking up for any attack that might happened in the future.

That is why, you will be working with various department in the company to make sure all of their systems stay secure. But you are not only task to check the logs since you also need to identify any sign of attack.

If attack does happened then you will analyze and create respond for any security issue that happened in the system. That is why this job is very important and all company will need to have someone responsible for it.

6. Red team operator

The attack that we see on the news are real even though it happened to other people. But that does not mean we are save from the same attack. This is where the red team operator comes in.

Having career in cybersecurity Indonesia as part of this team means you have to simulate those attack that happened before and go even deeper. The simulation is done to know what could happen to the exact system that the company use as each company may use different system.

Similar attack might happen to various system but the impact might be different. This mean you need to have knowledge in adversary emulation as well as TTPs mapping for various systems.

7. Malware analyst

There are thousands of ransomware attack that happen daily and the number keep increasing every year. Tens of thousands of websites has fall victim to these attacks every day.

That is why, malware analyst is very important career that will always in demand in cybersecurity. Your work is to understand, identify and examine various cyber threats attacking the system.

Furthermore, the malware used by the hacker to penetrate the systems keep evolving. This means you need to keep up with various method used on the malware and stay up to date with the newest malware.

8. Threat intelligence

It is important to make sure that the cloud environment always secure and healthy. One of the methods used is to secure the system even before the attack happened. That is why there are always a demand for this career in cybersecurity Indonesia.

Your job is to figure out threat scenario that might happened and create defense mechanism for the system to prevent it from happening. You also need to make sure that there is no loopholes or gaps on the system to prevent access from the attacker.

9. Blockchain security

There are more and more networks that is build with blockchain these days. Not only for financial company but also other business as well. Since the technology itself can be used in various environment this means that it is a growing thing with a lot of opportunity.

As any other system, blockchain also prone to attack, that is why cybersecurity in this field is also important. If you want to have career in this field you need to have knowledge in blockchain as well as cybersecurity.

10. Security awareness

Believe it or not but not many people are aware in the importance of cybersecurity. That is why, this career in cybersecurity Indonesia is very important. Your work will not only affect the employees but you will go higher to the board of directors.

Your work will include creating employee training related to cybersecurity such as phishing test. You will also develop guidelines that will help to ensure every member of the company knows the importance of cybersecurity.

11. Pen tester

If you want a career that won’t end even though there are already a lot of automation tools used then penetration tester is the one. It is one of the careers that cannot be automate and need real human to do the process.

Being Pen tester mean you will do simulated cyberattack to your company cloud network and computer system. You will use various hacking technique and tools to find loopholes that might be used by hackers. This test is done under authorization which makes it legal to do.

The point of this test is to identify the weakness and vulnerability in the system and security before it is exploit by real attack. That is why, you also need to document every detail of your action to report what happened.

12. CISO and cybersecurity head

As you can see there are various career in cybersecurity available. But it is important to note that the need of senior position such as CISO and head manager are also increasing.

These career in cybersecurity Indonesia are needed to ensure that the implementation of cybersecurity in the company will work as intended. You will also need to guide the maturity of the cybersecurity within the company.

Besides creating the right security program for the environment, you are also responsible to decide which investment that the company need in order for the system to grow into the right direction.

A lot of knowledge in various security field is needed for this position. However, you should also remember to improve soft skills needed for the career. Interpersonal, communication and leadership skills are needed if you want to get this role.

As you can see there are many opportunities to have career in cybersecurity Indonesia as they have high demand in 2023. Furthermore, as the cloud network continue to grow, the opportunity will also grow as the demand rise.

Cybersecurity Salary

Job TitleAverage Salary / year
Security EngineerRp 183,600,000
Penetration Tester Rp 120,000,000
Information Security AnalystRp 323,200,000
Chief Information Security OfficerRp 900,000,000
Cyber Security AnalystRp 144,000,000
Information Security ManagerRp 220,000,000
Cybersecurity Average Salary in Indonesia

Description: Currently there are more career in cybersecurity Indonesia than ever before so if you are interested here are the list for 2023.

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