ISO 27001 Certification

Paireds makes it fast and easy to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification in weeks not months -so you can focus on growing your business, customers, and revenue.
ISO 27001 Certification

Make ISO 27001 Your Competitive Advantage

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management. It specifies a management system that organizations can use to ensure that their information assets are protected against a wide range of threats.

Why ISO 27001 Important?

It provides a framework for managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. By following the guidelines set out in the standard, organizations can protect their confidential data and minimize the risk of security breaches. This can lead to increased trust from customers, regulatory compliance and a better overall security posture.

Certification Process

We’ve automated and streamlined into a few key steps—saving you hundreds of hours and enabling best-in-class security and compliance practices

step 1 ISO 27001
Build ISMS Team
step 2 ISO-27001
Gap Assessment
step 3 ISO-27001
Document Development
step 4 ISO-27001
Implementation ISMS
Internal Audit
step 6 ISO-27001
Step 1 Audit Certification
Step 2 Audit Certification
Surveillance Audit

Certification Process Explained

The ISO 27001 certification lifecycle involves the following:

Gap Assessment

Gap Assessment Is an activity to compare the requirements needed in implementing ISO 27001: 2013 with the actual conditions that have been implemented in the company by conducting interviews and collecting actual company data and documents.

Document Development

In this stage, company will develop and plan of the management system and the necessary tools in the form of standard documents, studies and forms. ISO 27001 requires companies to document active and ongoing efforts to identify and mitigate threats.


ISMS companies at all levels will implement the work standards and programs that have been planed and make the necessary improvements to achieve the goals that have been set by ISO 27001 standards

Stage 1 Certification

Evaluate the design of processes and assess the right documentation and controls are in place to progress to Stage 2.

Stage 2 Certification

Evaluate the evidence to prove your ISMS and controls are effective and that they meet the ISO 27001 requirements. Passing Stage 2 results in an ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 certification lasts 3 years starting from the date of initial certification.

Surveillance Audit 1 and 2

Evaluate your ISMS and sample of your controls. Two surveillance audits; one each subsequent year following initial certification.

Recertification Audit

The recertification audit occurs during the year of ISO 27001 certificate expiration. Similar to Stage 2, this audit evaluates the evidence to prove your ISMS and controls are effective, and that they meet the ISO 27001 requirements. Passing a recertification audit will renew the ISO 27001 certification period for the next 3 years.

Building your ISMS

Paireds helps you build an ISMS that meets the ISO framework & complements your business objectives. Our policy library provides customizable templates that can be tailored to fit any organization’s unique needs and requirements.


  • Gain the advantage of entry into competitive markets, especially internationally
  • Able sell to large companies (fortune 500) because they have gained the trust of ISO 27001

Vendor Risk Management

Assess and manage vendor risk

We offer an effortless process to help you evaluate vendor risks, review them frequently and fulfill any other compliance obligations.


  • Perform and manage vendor risk assessments
  • Store, manage and review vendor security certifications and reports for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR

hrs iso27001

Human Resource Security

Our processes simplify the onboarding and offboarding journey of your team members. Monitor that necessary background checks, security awareness courses, and acceptance of safety protocols are done by the appropriate people all from our employee dashboard.


  • Accelerate employee onboarding with our automated self-serve process.
  • View employee progress across all assigned tasks through our reports and dashboards

Stay compliant with continuous monitoring

We help you maintain ISO 27001 compliance by continuously monitoring your compliance environment and notifying personnel when regular tasks are due. Ensure security, privacy and compliance requirements are being met with real-time alerts on nonconformities across your tech stack — so that you can fix them quickly.


  • Automatic control testing via continuous configuration data collection.
  • Seamless auditor evidence collection workflows and fieldwork processes



The ISO 27001 frequently asked questions  :

ISMS stands for information security management system. An ISMS reduces your risk of cyber attacks, helps you understand your threat landscape, and protects your confidentiality with policies, procedures, and technical controls defined and enforced within the system.
The ISO organisation created ISO 27001 to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks against information systems. To protect sensitive personal data, companies need to adhere to a strict set of security standards.
On average, it can take between 4-15 months for most small- to mid-sized organizations. The length of the certification process varies based on several different factors:
  • Size of the organization
  • Maturity of the business
  • Scope and complexity of the certification
  • Controls and documentation already in place
  • Resources and support from management and personnel

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