Requirement to Work as GRC Analyst

Every company especially those that uses cloud environment need to have GRC analyst on the team. Not everyone can implement GRC program correctly, that is why the company need to hire a professional to do it. If you are interested in having a career in this field then there are a few information that you need to know.

What is GRC Analyst?

GRC analyst is someone that responsible to make sure that all of the company’s GRC programs are implement correctly. You will be supporting the cybersecurity team in developing risk management, documentation and security control by applying the GRC program.

You also need to make sure that the IT used align well with the company’s objective while still managing the risk and fulfilling the compliance requirements. That is why, you need to create a good GRC program that can help to improve the decision-making process so the company can make better IT investment, eliminating silos as well as reducing fragmentation that happened among departments.


This is the first element of GRC that you need to understand if you want to work in this field. At the most basic level, this element is policies, process and rules that created to make sure that the company’s activities can aligned well and support the goal of the business. It includes management control, accountability, resource management and ethics.

By the implementation of governance, the executive can influence and direct department in all level so all business units that the company own can align well with the company’s goal and customers’ need.

As GRC analyst, you must be able to create environment where all employees can feel empowered. You should also be able to coordinate and control all resources and behavior. The reason is because governance is used to make sure that the interest from various element of the company’s such as executive, stakeholders, investors, employees and suppliers are well balanced.

Furthermore, this element is used so you can control the infrastructure and the facilities owned by the companies at the lowest level. The implementation of this element is done to create accountability for the result and conduct of the company.

Risk Management

This element is done by controlling, assessing and identifying the legal, security, financial and strategy done by the company. You need to be able to apply resources correctly to help controlling, monitoring and minimalizing negative impact and maximizing the positive impact.

Using risk management, you will be able to establish the right objective that work in line with the risk and the values of the company by using technology, progress and people. The goal is to be able to achieve the company’s objective to securing the value while optimizing the company’s risk profile.

GRC analyst also need to collect information regarding the risk and threats that may happened within the system using cybersecurity. You should be able to evaluate the effectiveness and the performance of the system. You should also evaluate the legacy technology by identifying failures and operation that may impact the system. You will be monitoring the risk of the infrastructure and finding potential failure of the computing resource and environment.

But remember that you need to achieve it while still meeting the contractual, social, ethical, internal and legal goal. That is why, knowing the newest regulation related to new technology is also important. By doing this, you will help protecting the company from uncertainty by reducing cost while increasing success and continuity.


This element is done to make sure that the company adhere to the standard, policies, laws and rules of the government and industry. If the company fail to do it, then the company may facing lawsuit, penalties, fines, costly mistake and poor performance.

This element covers all external regulation, laws and standards of the industry. You need to deal with the internal control, regulation, and rules that is created by the company. But you should also make sure that it integrates the external requirements.

GRC analyst need to distribute, track, create, and update compliance policies as well as performing training program for the employees so they can implement those policies. But, before doing it, you need to understand which area that has the greatest risk then focus your resources on that area. The policies that you create should then be communicated, develop and implement to all departments to reduce the risk. You should create a guide so the vendors and employee can understand and follow the policies easier.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Evaluating the risk and developing various procedures, controls and security standard to help managing the risk. Improving security by improving the process, automation, and policies.
  • Implementing risk assessment, security control and various program that alight with the regulatory requirements and help to advance the company’s objective.
  • Implement RGC process, automate and monitoring the information of security test, risk, and control continuously.
  • GRC analyst create dashboard, evidence artifacts and reporting metrics.
  • Create and documenting the control ownership and responsibilities of the company’s process using various GRC tools. Create regular schedule to test and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the control then create the GRC report.
  • Updating the security control while providing support to stakeholder regarding the internal regulation, data and assessment.
  • Investigate and perform external and internal security risk management and assessment. Performing vulnerability management, assess incidents, patching status, scanning, securing baseline, and analyze penetration, attack, phishing test.
  • Documenting and reporting control gaps and failures to stakeholder. Providing guidance for remediation and prepare report to track the activities.
  • Assisting other department in the security program management and function.
  • Guide, training and provide resource on security assessment for other departments.
  • Keeping up with the newest technology advancement, act and practice to provide resource for security assessment to follow the regulation.

Job Qualifications

If you want to apply for this position, there are a few qualifications that you need to hold such as:

  • Education

The basic education requirement is bachelor degree in related field such as IT management, business management, and many other. Sometimes, there are also companies that want you to have master degree. However, experience in related field usually can replace the degree requirements.

  • Certification

There are various certifications that can help to improve your knowledge and your professional development as GRC analyst such as:

  • GRC professional certification
  • ISO 27001 Lead Auditor
  • CISSP certification
  • CGEIT certification
  • CSSBB certification
  • CRISC certification
  • CISA or CIA certification
  • Risk management certification
  • IT governance certification

Having experience in related field is also very important for this position. Usually the company want someone with experience in IT industry. Some that work well for this position are experience in cybersecurity management, auditing, assessment, remediation, risk and cybersecurity program.

Skills Requirements

As any other cybersecurity career, you also need to have several skills related to the field to work in this position. These skills will help you to advance in your career faster as you are able to manage the duties and responsibility better. Some of the required skills are:

Research and analyzing skill

You need to be able to search various external and internal information using various resources including online resource. You also need to have good analyzing skill to find various vulnerabilities, finding facts and draw conclusion based on the data found.

Management skill

You will need to plan and manage various security project for the company. You also need to implement GRC program by developing various policies. You will also need to be able to judge different events while still being objective to match the standard.

Communication skill

GRC analyst will work with various department inside and outside the company. That is why you need to have great communication skill in order to explain the policies needed to comply with the rules. You also need to perform communication both verbally and non-verbally.


You need to promote and develop great relationship with team members and other departments within the company. You should also use constructive method when dealing with conflicts. As there are many people with different orientation and background you should also able to respect the difference.

Curiosity to keep up with the trend

Regulation and standard within the IT industry continue to evolve day by day. As someone that need to make sure that the company follow those regulation and standard you need to have curiosity to keep up with the trend. You may need to learn new things that happen in the industry that needed for the implementation of GRC on the company.


Having career in GRC field means you need to understand various element to be able to implement it on the company’s system. You will also work with various department to make sure that every part of the company follows the regulation.

That is why, you need to have a good analyzing skill as well as management skill to be able to work in this field. You also need to have experience in related field that can help you to understand the system better. Working as GRC analyst comes with great challenge but it will also bring a lot of benefits for your career in the future.

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