Step by Step to Be Successful Cloud Security Engineer

With the rapid development of cloud environment there are also increase need for cloud security engineer. It is a big opportunity for those who want to have a career in cybersecurity Indonesia.

What is Cloud Security Engineer?

Cloud security engineer is someone that is in charge for the security of the system, application and all data available inside the cloud environment. You may also be responsible in developing a new security strategies and technologies used to protect the system against vulnerabilities and threats.

That is why, you have to have advanced knowledge and skill on networking principles, software engineering, and computer science. The knowledge also includes database management, internal OS, encryption algorithm, and many other.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

This cloud security engineer job comes with huge range of duties and responsibilities which includes:

  • Analyzing and finding potential threat for existing infrastructure and application. This process includes finding worms, virus, unauthorized access, service attacks, and many other malicious codes.
  • Making and maintain cloud environments that tolerant to fault and have high availability.
  • Creating security procedure and policies for various cloud environment such as server farms, data centers, as well as other large size computing facilities.
  • Monitoring, logging and responding to activities of cloud network to find suspicious behavior, incidents and other anomalies.
  • Creating, recommending and implementing various security protocols such as encryption technologies, cryptography, password protection, and firewalls on the cloud environment.
  • Installing various security application and anti-virus software on client’s devices and computers as necessary.
  • Creating and implementing recovery procedures for disaster on information and data system

Job Qualifications

There are a few basic qualifications that all cloud security engineer needs to apply for this job, such as:

  • Education

The minimum education needed for this job is bachelor degree in field that is related to computing. Those fields include computer engineering, information technology, computer science, and many other. However, some companies might want you to have master degree in related field such as security engineering.

  • Experience and Training

Usually, you will get on-the-job training before you dive deeper into the job. In this training you will learn about the company’s policies and specific technology used in the cloud environment. You will also receive various training for your specific role in the company.

You may also receive the training through entry-level role or internship. That is why, doing internship is important as you will get practical experience needed on the field. Having entry-level role can also be a training method for you to learn about the company’s policies as well as specific technology used.

  • License and Certification

You may want to acquire some certification that shows your expertise in various cloud-based technologies, strategies, and services.

Skills Requirements

The exact skills needed to be cloud security engineer are varied based on the job profile needed by the companies. There are a lot of skills from various disciplines needed to be successful on this job. Usually, there are a few prerequisite skills have to be fulfilled by all candidate when you apply to a company. Some of them includes:

Cloud computing security

The cloud computing is the method of storing program and data storing using cloud technology in remote server instead of individual computers. This method is commonly used in technology industry.

That is why, you need to learn how to protect those data which stored inside the cloud servers. The skill needed includes knowledge on access control, encryption, AWS services, cloud architecture and many other.

Developing Algorithm

All security hardware and software are built with certain algorithm. That is why, Cloud security engineer need to understand how to develop the algorithm as well as the method used to implement it inside the security software. You also need to understand how to make security protocols that are effective and have the skill needed to test them.

Network security

You must have knowledge on network security since it is very essential for your role. You need to understand the system so you can make and implement various security protocols to the company’s network.

You also need to have skill to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats on the system. Then you will be task to make a system which can be use to protect the company’s network from the threats.

Programming language

Since you will be working using apps and system written in various programing languages that means you also need to understand it. You also need to have coding skill in various languages used by the network such as C#, Java, C++ and Python.

Management skill

You will be responsible in controlling the security system implementation. You may also need to work with various departments to make sure that the installation of the system is correct and working. That is why, you need to have management skill which can help you to control the project according to the budget and allocated time.

Data encryption

All information inside the cloud will be convert to a format that can only be read by authorized parties using data encryption. Cloud security engineer will need to use this skill so you can protect the company’s sensitive information. You will also use this skill to make sure that the company’s data that is transmitted using the internet remains private.

Communication skills.

Do not underestimate this skill as it will help you to work together with people and team members when building the system. This skill will go the long way so you can have good collaboration with another department. That way, there will be less friction along the way and the work will become more efficient.

Working Environment

You will work in various setting such as computer labs, data centers, office and many other. You may also work for various companies that provide service on cloud computing, companies that use the service and even cloud service consulting firm. Usually, you will work full time and might also work overtime in order to meet deadline and when security breaches happen.

Keeping Up with Cloud Security Trends

There are a few things in cloud security that will affect how you work as cloud security engineer. That is why it is important for you to keep up with the trends and stay up-to-date. That way you can continue to build relevant skill needed to have the competitive advantage in the field. Here are the trends that you need to pay attention:

The importance of cloud security

With the increase popularity of cloud computing that means there will be increase need for cloud security. The reason is because using cloud computing give more accessibility on the service and data by the hackers who use the sensitive information with malicious intent.

You will need to make sure that the service and data stored inside the cloud are safe from those hackers. You need to implement various security protocols such as encryption and firewall. That is why, if you want to be successful you need to have deep knowledge on cloud architecture.

Focus more on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become an industry on its own as more companies also become more aware of cyberattack risk. This means the demand of professional that have deep knowledge in cybersecurity also increased.

This job has high demand since you have ability to protect the system and data store in the cloud. That is why, you need to understand the latest vulnerabilities and threats trend so you can help the company from cyberattack.

Collaborating with Sec and Dev

With the advancement of technology more companies are relying on the use of cloud environment to manage and store their data. This also mean you will be collaborating with sec and dev department more to work together in protecting and securing the company’s data.

Working as cloud security engineer means you can take more advantage since you have the experience and knowledge needed to implement and design solution that are cloud based which efficient and secure. Working with the other department means you can help to make the cloud environment become more secure.

How to Advance to Higher Level

There are a lot of methods that you can do if you want to advance in this field. The best method is to get more training and education. For example, you can try to get specific certifications needed in this field. By having those certifications, you will gain more attention from the employers.

You may also advance by networking and getting to know other professional that work in the field. It is also important to stay up-to-date on latest development that happened in cloud security. Furthermore, with more experience you will also have bigger chance to get promoted to higher position.


As you can see there are various things that you need to do if you want to be successful as cloud security engineer. This job has huge potential and high demand right now. That is why, it is important for you to work on your career right at this moment. Remember that you also need to learn skill outside the technical knowledge if you want to advance to higher level.

Description: With the rapid development of cloud environment there are also increase need for cloud security engineer, see how to become one here.

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