The Benefits of ISO 27001 Compliance for Your Business

ISO 27001 benefits

All company that work with sensitive data must comply with ISO 270001. Especially since. there are many ISO 27001 compliance benefits for your company which very useful not only for data protection but also for the business.

What is ISO 27001 Compliance?

ISO 27001 is used to make sure that the security system used by the company is defined clearly under specific management control. With this standard you can get guidance and advice on the maintenance and the implementation of ISMS.

ISMS itself is the security controls used by the company to protect their data. ISO 27001 is used as worldwide standard. In fact, this standard is considered as the most recognized one to be use in information security.

This means there are formal requirements needed for the security system to get this certification. You can fulfill the requirements by following the structure in the standard that used to create secure control and framework for your company.

The Importance of ISO 270001 Compliance

ISO 270001 will provide you with guides that has all of the process and steps by steps methods need to create security control that are in the right size and suitable for your company. The framework itself include not only technical and physical control but also legal control that can be use for your company’s data risk management.

That way you will know the method that can be use to manage the information security. It also helps you to provide information on implementation and establishment of ISMS. It also gives you information on the method that can be use to improve and maintain the ISMS used in your company.

Before implementing this standard, you need to do Gap Analysis which related to applicable regulation, agreements and clauses. That way, you can see which areas in the company that already meeting the standard.

This will also show which area where improvements need to be made even though it uses limited control. It will also show you the areas where you need to put less control on. There are a few security concerns that every company have such as:

  • Availability
    The company want the data to be accessible only by authorized person that will use it for the business or to provide support for the client.
  • Integrity
    The company want their data remains to be whole without any alteration that is done maliciously to corrupt or tamper the data using technology failures or improper processing.
  • Confidentiality
    The company want their data to be secured and confidential against disclosure that are unauthorized.

Requirements Needed to Achieve ISO 27001 Compliance

If the company want to use this standard then they will be audited using specific requirements to get the certification. The requirements include:

  • Systematic investigation on the company’s data vulnerabilities, threats, impacts and security risk.
  • Designing, implementing, and delivering comprehensive and consistence control on the security control as well as other kind of risk management to be used to encounter various threats which considered unacceptable.
  • Adopting principal management process that can be use to make sure that the control on the information security can continue to fulfill the needs of the company’s information security.
  • Give the right amount competitive advantage which can be use to give you effective license so the company can do trades with other company inside high regulated industry.
  • Making sure there are good internal operability between group or department inside the company.
  • Can certify or provide proof of compliance that is recognized by external standard that the management can use to show due diligence.

Why Company Should Get the Certification?

From certification compliance you will get a lot of benefits. First you will be able to show that your company actually considered information security as something serious. Thus, having assessment done by independent organization will give extra weight to your statement.

Especially when you want to work inside industry that have high priority on security for their file transfer. Thus, the ISO 27001 compliance benefits is because companies in this industry will surely give you more favor if you have it.

This certification proof that the ISMS your company use is compliant with the standard. And that your company do various measures regularly to make sure that everything is done in safe environment.

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Benefits from ISO 27001 compliance for Company

The biggest benefits that you can get from ISO 27001 compliance is the company will get verified by external system which can also help you to improve and implement various information security measure.

The certification then can be use as proof for your customers and stakeholder. It may also be a way for you to grab attention from prospective customers that are more interested after learning about how secure your company is.

If you hold the certification, it can be a good way to show to your key stakeholders, customers, suppliers and investors that your company is considering and recognizing all of the risk as well as making sure the data is secure and safe from any unauthorized parties.

It will also show how the company is doing proactive action to tackle all of those risk. Especially since there are some company that say that they do those things but they do not really do it.

But with the certification then you can show it to the customer as proof that you actually take action to make sure that their data is safe and the company will keep being ahead above the other company.

There are also other ISO 27001 compliance benefits that you can get by implementing this standard such as:

  • Giving education on the company’s team about the best practices used in cybersecurity and most up-to-date technical skills that already proven as the best
  • Your company will be an company that think more of the risk and anticipate any issue on the cybersecurity even before they are arise and not become an company that rather deal with the aftermath of cyberattack
  • Showing the industry market that your company is actually committed in tackling cybersecurity risk
  • The company will be eligible to do tenders and projects with larger scale which can only be done by company who hold certification for ISMS
  • Able to fulfill the client’s demand of high-level cybersecurity and technical awareness from your company

ISO 27001 Compliance Benefits for Business

1. More organized

After you implement the standard successfully that means you will become more organized. As to get the certification you will need to provide document of the company’s security process as well as identifying the personnel that is responsible on each of the process.

2. Help to protect the company’s reputation

Other ISO 27001 compliance benefits that you can get by having this certification, you can avoid cybersecurity threats that cause data breaches. The framework in this standard will make sure that all of the tools needed to strengthen the company’s cybersecurity are fulfilled. By avoiding the incident that means your company’s reputation will be protected and you will be more trusted by clients.

5. Better compliance

If your company have this certification then it shows that your company already reach full compliance by following and implementing best practice done in cybersecurity. If your company comply fully to the standard then that means your company is more effectively guarding the data against any threats such as ransomware and malware.

4. Avoid fines

The standard also helps you to comply with GDPR or any other governments regulation especially since the framework used in ISO 270001 often in common with GDPR and various other guidelines needed to maintain compliance. This means that the standard will also help you to avoid the fines related with the regulation.

5. Reducing expenses

Since the goal of this standard is to prevent any cybersecurity incident from happening that means you will be able to reduce the cost that you need to spend when the incident happens.
Of course, you should also invest some fund to comply with the ISO 270001 but the money that you get from prevent cybersecurity incident from happening actually outweigh the fund that you use as investment to comply with the standard.

Furthermore, this standard is also often put as a requirement on various contracts and tender especially if the project involved any process and handling of information and data.

A lot of government and commercial contract also need the certification as the requirements. So, if your company have the certification this means you will get competitive advantage on those tenders.

6. Reduce audits frequency

Since this standard is already accepted internationally and able to show how effective the company’s security is, that means you will be able to reduce audits frequency that often needed by the customers in the industry.


As you can see ISO 27001 is very important for any company especially those that handle sensitive data. Especially since this certification will guide you to implement framework that needed so you can implement the best cybersecurity standard to the company’s system.

By getting the certification, your company will also get a lot of ISO 27001 compliance benefits. Thus, you need to do all of the process right away to fulfill the requirements as needed by the standard so you can get the certification.

Description: Discover the benefits of ISO 27001 compliance for your organization. Learn how this internationally recognized standard can improve your information security management and give a competitive edge.

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